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Herbal Medicine for Cancer Treatment

Herbal medicine (especially Chinese) is one of the most commonly used complementary and alternative therapies by people with cancer.  Studies have shown that as many as 60% people with cancer use herbal remedies alongside conventional cancer treatments.

Herbal cancer treatment is the most popular among alternative methods of cancer cure.

Certain herbal therapies can boost patients’ immune system to help chemotherapy and radiotherapy work more efficient and achieve best results.  

Many cancer patients use herbal therapies because they like the idea that they are non toxic and natural and also because many herbal therapies treat the whole person, not just a part of you. 

This is known as ‘wholistic healthcare’. This means that therapists look at you as a whole person, including your emotional and psychological needs, not just your physical ones.

There is scientific evidence that herbal therapies can help to control symptoms and side effects of cancer and treatments.

Herbalists do believe that specific alternative therapies may help control or cure cancer on early stages and prolong life and improve quality of life on late stages of cancer.

Herbal Chinese Medicine offers a more wholistic approach and unlike conventional medicine, herbal medicine seldom causes as many, if any, side-effects.

Among many herbal remedies the best are Canelim (Ping Xiao) tablets, Cordyceps Lingzhi (Reishi) and Hericium




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