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Cordyceps / DongchongXiacao

Cordyceps (also known as Jing Zhi Dongchong Xiacao, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Semitake), is one of most important natural healer in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
It is very widely used in both in hospitals as a Chinese Clinical Medicine and as a household remedy.

Cordyceps Sinensis (the most potent species of cordyceps) helps build resistance against diseases, strengthen the immune system in cases of fatigue such as HIV and AIDS, rheumatism, respiratory illnesses and even Cancer. 
Cordyceps is known to increase energy and sexual vitality.

Cordyceps / DongchongXiacao
Organic Cordyceps Sinensis, $20.95, 90 capsules 0.525 gr (525mg) each. USA grown.

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Cordyceps Sinensis, has been shown to produce some potent antibiotics, immune stimulants and antitumour agents.

There are clinical trials supporting the efficacy of Cordyceps, particularly for liver, kidney, and immune problems. A number of medical studies indicate that Cordyceps have an anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-metastasis, immune-enhancing, and antioxidant effects.

The treatment of cancer: the division of cancerous and malignant cells regulated and controlled by Cordyceps, as a result the herbal remedy can delay the diffusion of cancer cells within the body of the affected patient - thus aiding in treatment. The Cordyceps remedy also boosts the body’s immune system and it increases the power and the effectiveness of the immune system's T cells and macrophages - thus boosted by the remedy. T immune cells are present in greater numbers and increase their engulfing and destruction of all cellular invaders such as viruses and microbes. Thus the Cordyceps can significantly aid as an herbal supplement during the treatment of cancer and other malignant growths.

Study of 36 Chinese patients with advanced cancer concluded that a Cordyceps containing formula "could restore cellular immunological function, improve quality of life. The results suggested that it could be used as adjuvant drug in advanced cancer" (Zhou 1995).

No adverse effects have been reported. Although no known drug interactions exist, blood glucose should be monitored in diabetics using Cordyceps due to possible hypoglycemic effect. In addition, animal studies show proliferation of progenitor red blood cells; therefore, Cordyceps should not be used by those with myelogenous (produced in the bone marrow) type cancers.

Another study shows that Cordyceps may be effective against tumor cells by down-regulating MHC class II antigen expression.

In patients with lung cancer, Cordyceps administered at 2-3 grams resulted in more patients completing radiation and chemotherapy compared to control group.

Here is a quote from report of Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mukogawa Women's University, Nishinomiya, Japan.

We investigated the effect of the water extract of Cordyceps sinensis (WECS) on liver metastasis of Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) and B16 melanoma (B16) cells in mice. C57BL/6 mice were given a s.c. injection of LLC and B16 cells and sacrificed 20 and 26 days after tumor inoculation, respectively. WECS was daily administered p.o. to the mice in a dose of 100 mg/kg body weight (wt.) in the experiment of LLC and in a dose of 100 or 200 mg/kg body wt. in the experiment of B16 from one week before tumor inoculation to one day before the date of sacrifice. The tumor cells increased in the thigh in LLC-inoculated mice and in the footpad in B16-inoculated mice. The relative liver wt. of the tumor-inoculated mice significantly increased as compared to that of the normal mice due to the tumor metastasis, as verified by the hematoxylin-eosin staining pathological study in the LLC experiment. The relative liver wt. of the WECS-administered mice significantly decreased relative to that of the control mice in both the LLC and B16 experiments. WECS showed a strong cytotoxicity against LLC and B16 cells, while cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine), an active component of WECS, was not cytotoxic against these cells. These findings suggest that WECS has an anti-metastatic activity that is probably due to components other than cordycepin.

Cordyceps was believed to be a cure-all herb, able to fortify all the body systems
Studies by the Chinese government medical organization show the following benefits:

  • Reduces the effects of radiation treatment. Cordyceps increases the effectiveness of the spleen to help it filter out harmful substances in the blood. As well, it increases the DNA, RNA and proteins in the spleen to promote faster healing.
  • Promotes more restful sleep. Cordyceps has a calming effect on the nervous system to help reduce anxiety and nervous stress as well as make sleep more productive.
  • Rejuvenates male sex ability. Cordyceps acts as a very potent male sex hormone to bring back youthful sexual function and stamina.
  • Reduces asthma and respiratory problems. Cordyceps can relax the bronchial walls as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. So it is effective against coughs, phlegm, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Cordyceps also increases adrenaline production.
  • Increases energy level. Cordyceps has the ability to increase ATP production in human cells thus increasing your energy level.
  • Lowers blood pressure and increases blood supply. Cordyceps can slow down the heart rate, increase the blood supply to the arteries and also increase the total blood volume of the heart. It relaxes the blood vessel walls so blood flow is increased to the heart and blood pressure is lowered.
  • Improves memory. Cordyceps has also proven in clinical studies to help improve memory and mental sharpness.
  • Amazing anti-ager. Cordyceps can prevent the formation of peroxide and lipids and prevent or decrease the formation of oxidase enzymes in the brain. This makes Cordyceps a powerful anti-aging herb.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol. Cordyceps helps regulate your blood sugar. This is good news if you suffer from diabetes.
  • Makes other nutrition work better. When you have Cordyceps working for you, the food you eat is more fully absorbed into your body. It also helps your body make more efficient use of nutrients and protein from your food, so you will have all the necessary building blocks for good health.
  • Generally, Cordyceps helps restore normal functioning of various parts of the body; it helps stimulate the immune system, benefits the circulatory system and promotes energy, vitality and longevity. It develops strong anti-aging power and is a good anti-oxidant.
  • Recent observations have shown that Cordyceps can improve performance and muscle-building capability, even though it doesn't contain any steroidal ingredients. Cordyceps benefits the vascular system by improving circulation, helping to regulate blood pressure and strengthening the heart muscle. As a working lung tonic, Cordyceps is able to strengthen respiratory power in those who need extra energy to perform physical exercise. It's also useful for people who suffer from a deficiency of lung power.
  • Cordyceps also fortifies the kidney channel, which is responsible for sexual energy and desire. It has effects in improving sex drive, sexual desire and potency, physical endurance, and energy. In Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is used for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Cordyceps can be used safely and over a long period of time. It has a huge amount of benefits to many body parts and this makes it rank as high as ginseng, Lingzhi (Reishi) and deer antler.


The utilization of the Cordyceps in any form is not advised for people who suffer from disease which involve sensitivity to hormones - for example, patients affected by breast cancer or those with prostate cancer are advised not to use any form of the Cordyceps based herbal remedies. For these cases is better to use Ping Xiao or Lingzhi. The patients on long term anticoagulant medications and, all individuals using asthma inhalers are also advised not to use the Cordyceps. The Cordyceps medication must also be used with caution by all patients who are under any immunosuppressant medications, such as those used during treatment for lupus, during treatment for myasthenia gravis, those drugs used for treating psoriasis, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjögren's syndrome - all these patients are advised to inform a qualified health-care provider if they want to use the fungal remedy at the same time as the other medications mentioned.

People who have used Cordyceps know that it is different from any other supplement or medicine you can take to improve your health. Only a program of doing things that improve your health is truly effective in the long run, not just trying to stop symptoms like drugs do. You need to build up your health with super nutrition like Cordyceps to slow the aging process and feel great again!

Content: each capsule 525 mg (0.525 g)100% Cordyceps Sinensis, Certified Organic by QAI, USA grown, vegi capsule.

Dosage: 3 capsule each time x 2 times daily with meals.


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